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Prepared by: John Joseph Walsh
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The site was last updated (05/20/2024).

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Information update - There are many references to St. Mary's Church in Derby, CT. As of July 1, 2017, the church is now part of the new parish - Our Lady Queen of the Apostles. The church building itself retains the name, but the parish bears the new name and St. Jude's Church in Derby is part of the new parish as well. Many years ago, St. Jude's split off from St. Mary's as the new church and parish served the east side of Derby. However, in 2022 the St. Jude's Church was put up for sale.

This website is primarily the story of the descendants of Thomas Walsh, a farmer living in the heart of Ireland in the middle of the 19th century whose descendants scattered across the globe. To a lesser degree, it is also the story of the Mulready family. The information is managed in a genealogical software program (The Master Genealogist) and generated for the Internet using another program (Second Site) that works specifically with The Master Genealogist. You can find individuals by using the surname list or by clicking on their names on the family tree charts.

The site now includes a search function in addition to a calendar showing births, deaths, marriages and graduations and an interactive map. Use the links on the left to go directly to those functions. There is now an improved family ancestor review for each individual.

The data has been compiled with input from many people, and I want to thank everyone who has helped. This is - and always will be - a work in progress. That is particularly true on the source side where I have just begun to realize the importance of having sources for all of the data. You will see that is quite limited on the site. However, the site is a bit stronger on the visuals side with hundreds of pictures on the site.

Comments and feedback are invited and any additions or corrections are more than welcome. You can send me data and photos using the e-mail links on this page.    *

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